The Lost Type Co-Op

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As I was searching through various font foundries through Google search I came across one that piqued my interest the font foundry was Lost Type Co-Op. They caught my eye because they have produced some really great vintage and retro style fonts. I also chose this font foundry because they have an unusual font buying system where they leave their visitors with the choice to pay what they can afford for the fonts on the site. They left it this way expecting people to have a moral code and to pay what they felt the font was deserving; as well as giving designers with little means the ability to purchase fonts to use in their designs. After doing a little digging through more searches I found the history of how the Lost Type Co-Op was founded. It originally started off as a bet between the co-founders Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin after finding a 1940’s Ball glass jar poster both designers were enamored with the secondary font promoting the glass jars. Cran bet Galpin that he could produce a full alphabet of the font face in 24 hours; Galpin said if he could he would make a website for the font. 24 hours and some collaboration later the Font Muncie was completed. They offered Muncie up to the design community as a completely free typeface. After some thought they decided to try to make it a go as a font service; and started to call other design friends who were turning towards creating fonts for their design work. After a few months they had a selection of thirty different
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