The MAS Corporation: Case Study and Analysis

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The following case study is of the MAS Corporation that has integrated a high level of organizational structure and operation with an admirable level of philanthropy and sustainability. In some ways, its structure resembles the Mintzberg's Management Model and in other ways its operation and philosophy resembles the Ford and Taylor Scientific Management theory. There are similarities and dissimilarities, and the following essay evaluates both.

The case study
MAS Holdings is one of Sri Lanka's largest apparel manufacturers, employing more than 34,450 people in 21 factories in 10 countries. Their annual revenues are US$570 million and the company is privately -held and owned entirely by the Amalean family.
MAS is largely situated in Sri Lanka, a country battered by unrest and rift. Textile industry had been a huge source of revenue in Sri Lanka, but in 2005 quotas for textiles had been set and thus the so-called 'Bra Wars' began. MAS had played the game safe and established 11 plants in other countries; nonetheless the extreme amount of competition put MAS in a quandary. They were always known for their quality and high labor conduct (i.e. ethics towards workers). Sweatshop abuse in the bra…
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