The Major Reasons For Leaving The European Union

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In 1776, we saw the American Colonies breakaway from the ruling British Empire. Nearly 250 years later, we see the complete opposite. In a 2016 referendum, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Parliament voted to leave the European Union. The European Union, which wanted to unite all the European countries, is currently butting heads with the British Government and current Prime Minister Theresa May. This battle has been steadfast over the past year with multiple votes from the British people and government officials. If the votes pass, then Britain is on track to leave the E.U. by April of 2019. The lead up to this break differs between most people. However, the reason for this split is immigration, the safety for national …show more content…

The leave vote also surged in parts of the country where there was very little new or historical immigration, but where voters feared that immigration might also soon arrive in their neighborhoods. In London and Manchester, for example, there is a wide range of job opportunities in and around the city. Even with the influx of immigrant workers, the job opportunities have remained at a steady number. That is why a majority of the politicians and people living there have primarily voted to stay in the E.U. However, when considering cities in rural areas with a low population, those citizens chose to support Brexit. The reason be it that this new influx of immigrants is taking hard-earned jobs away from the British citizens and increasing unemployment among native Brits. If Britain opts to leave the E.U. then Parliament will have a better grasp on who and what enters their country. However, as of right now, the immigration will continue to rise to alarming levels in the coming years. Another big issue that comes up when discussing Brexit is the safety of the U.K.’s national security. In the past couple of years, many countries in the E.U. have experienced at least one major terrorist incident. In November of 2015, France experienced one of its most deadly attacks when gunman open fired in a popular nighttime district in Paris. The attack claimed the lives of around 120 people (Newton-Small, 2015). Other major attacks

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