The, Man And Woman

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Ever since Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, man and woman have needed each other to survive in this world. Unlike in Eden, where both Adam and Eve were created by God to be perfect beings, once banished, both man and woman were put into a state of dependence; standing alone as individuals, they would never thrive. This advertisement depicts woman wearing the same pair of jeans as man. Both are standing on a white fur rug, staring with intense gazes. The man’s hand is bandaged, while the woman is standing with her arms around the man. What is the significance of the bandage that is wrapped around the man’s hand? At first glance, the man seems to be playing the dominant role in an advertisement for woman’s jeans. The man is standing with his hand bandaged, with a bandage not unlike one that a boxer would wear under his boxing gloves. The woman’s arms are around the man’s neck, as if begging for protection. With closer observation, however, both man and woman are on top of this rug, a rug made out of soft fur, which could have come from an animal. Woman looks like she is emerging from man; as if man is Adam, and woman is Eve. In Chapter 1 of Genesis, Rabbinical commentaries hold that man and woman were originally one entity- man was one side of the body, while woman was the other. Subsequently in Genesis Chapter 2, woman took on her own form, and was created from a bone of Adam’s rib cage. The woman in this advertisement is standing in a position that looks like she is a

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