Male And Female Or Man And Woman

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Male and female or man and woman, are terms that are used to show different genders. Apart from the physical differences, each gender, according to our social definition, have different roles. Generally, men have the more masculine, more physical, roles, while women tend to do better in the nurturing, care taking, tasks. These roles have become norms that have been set by the society. It is expected of men to be working at all times, they are expected to be the bread winners, while women are expected to take care of home tasks, such as raising the children or cooking. These norms might alternate in some cases, but most people would agree on these as being the standards. In our Vicks ad “ When They Breath Easier, So You Can”, a man is shown to be taking care of what appears to be his child, which is opposite of what we believe to be the norms.
Target Audience:
This ad could be targeting either gender. However, the fact that it is showing a male doing the nurturing role must have a reason behind it. As we notice in the bottom right corner of the ad there is an NFL, National Football League, logo. In addition to the logo, it says that Vicks is the official sponsor of NFL. Now it becomes clear that this ad is meant to target football fans, as it is specifically produced to be shown at the NFL. It is generally known that a sport such as football is more popular within males, much more than females. Such a product, like Vicks VapoRub, is known to help children with
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