The Man We Now Call The President Of The United States,

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The man we now call the president of the United States, Donald J Trump has recently made comments about decisions that might happen in this country. The disturbing comments has affected many families emotionally, mentally, and physically especially our families who are illegal immigrants. The new president has made accusations of deporting all illegal immigrants in this country, including our younger generation of immigrants who immigrated to this country as children by the decision of their parents, the younger generation of immigrants are also known as our dreamers, DACA students. The article, “Rethinking Immigration Reform” written by Mike Coffman a Republican who represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, argues that the …show more content…

Possible solutions to this problem, Coffman suggests, includes statistics about our immigration problem with adult immigrants, visual pictures, and his thoughts and opinions about his argument.

Throughout his piece, Coffman uses strong informative facts that strengthen his credibility and shows a variety of pathos, ethos, and logos, as well as build his argument. The article begins with Coffman appealing to pathos, this includes stating a personal story and experience that he went through that led him to his argument. Coffman begins discussing his pathos by stating, “The story of one young student in Aurora is one I will never forget. Monica Carreta wanted to go to the U.S Naval Academy. She had just graduated at the top of her class … she had all of the right attributes for a competitive application. There was one problem. Monica was not U.S citizen… Monica grew up here, went to school here, and considers herself a loyal patriotic American” (Coffman). The author does a good job with beginning his article with showing pathos to catch the reader’s attention and right

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