The Man Who Killed A Colorado Movie Theatre

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In the world of forensic psychology and law there are various amounts of individuals whom have committed a crime and out of those people are those who cannot stand trial due to mental illness or not being competent to stand trial. Sometimes these individuals are not able to defend themselves against what they are being accused of. What I have taken an interest to in reference to what I addressed above are the individuals who utilize the insanity defense due to their mental illness. A case that represents my interest with this topic is a case that many have been following, the case of the James Holmes. James Holmes is a man who attacked a Colorado movie theatre resulting in twelve lives being taken and seventy others injured. This shooting …show more content…

If you can evaluate, medicate and hospitalize those individuals who show signs of mental illness before they become dangerous than it can possibly decrease the amount of crimes committed from mentally ill or defected individuals. According to the American Law Institute a person is not criminally responsible for criminal act if at the time of such conduct as a result of mental disease of defect where in this case would be his schizophrenia.
An article that I found to discuss the issue that Holmes was facing is about mental illness and the death penalty their research question is why they think that narrowing any exemption to the psychotic mentally ill makes the most sense from a practical, as well as medical/psychiatric perspective. This article explores the topic of numerous cases that addresses mental illness and the death penalty with one of them being Furman v. Georgia case. In this study of a five-person majority, three people argued that it was unconstitutional to apply the death penalty and the other two found that the death penalty violates the 8th amendments ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Along with that, another case Atkins v. Virginia was introduced in this case a guy named Daryl Atkins plus his accomplice was convicted of abduction, armed robbery and capital murder. When evaluated they realized that he was mentally retarded and it raised questions as to whether he should be held accountable for his actions and

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