The Management Of King Company Essay

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King Company Name Institution King Company Kings Company is a small assembling organization located in upper Midwest City. The company produces quality accessories in the computer industry. It was started in 1994 by Don Dean in Silicon Valley. King Company faces numerous challenges in its business operations including the need to cut its labor costs, and eliminating the adverse impacts of downsizing (Agrawal & Matsa, 2013). Due to declining sales levels, King Company must change the extension and high benefit technique to one of cost control. In this paper, the focus with be analyzing how King Company can cut its labor costs but avoiding loss of jobs. The analysis shows how an up-to-date job analysis information can help the firm’s management to slash its labor costs. Further, the analysis will cover short term and long term consequences of downsizing. Reduce labor costs King Company can reduces it labor costs by using freeze hiring. In free hiring, the employer stops hiring employees for positions that are considered non-essential positions. Such a technique enables the employer to consolidate the current staff and potentially restructure departments to undertake job tasks that are essential for the clients in the firm. However, during the hiring freeze, smart employers continue hiring strategically in areas where the skills are hard to find and for the positions that will immediately create revenue form the firm (Kalev, 2014; Perrett, 2013). The employer

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