The Many Victims of Human Trafficking

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Millions of men, women and children are victims of human trafficking. Human trafficking is used for many purposes and benefits. Sex, forced labor and other forms of disgracing exploitation is dangerously happening worldwide.
It’s necessary to know what the term trafficking means because it can be very misleading, trafficking places importance on the transaction aspect of a cruel crime, trafficking is more than described by the media. Enslavement is a word that can describe trafficking briefly and compactly, exploitation of people, day after day, for years and decades.
Human trafficking is an international problem, statistics shows that between the year 2007 and 2010 women composed the majority of victims globally, 80 percent was women and girls. Human trafficking is the world’s fastest increasing crime after drug handling. The United States of America and Sweden is two of the top destination countries for traffickers. The United States of America is a destination in addition there is numerous of American citizen destined to become trafficking victim.
Sweden and America suffer from the same criminality this means illegal and inhuman crime against human beings but in dissimilar mechanism.

This report is about human trafficking in the world nevertheless enlightening about trafficking in Sweden and America. While the comprehensive remains complete this report is based on reports from reliable sources and it rest on a solid evidence, although information gaps can be

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