The Marijuana Policy Project And Republican Texas State Representative David Simpson

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Since the paper has secured the historical backdrop of the issues and contentions about legitimizing marijuana, it will go more into insight about the issues and contentions by first outlining the persons supporting legalization. The general stakeholders include most recreational users, some police state officers and some farmers. The specific stake holders include the Drug policy Alliance, The Marijuana Policy Project and Republican Texas state representative David Simpson. These organizations and representatives aim to promote values, like liberty, health, and economic prosperity. The DPA is the country 's driving association advancing medication arrangements that are grounded in science, sympathy, well being and human rights. DPA supporters are people who accept the war on drugs is accomplishing more danger than great, like most recreational users. The DPA works to guarantee that the country’s medication arrangements stop detaining people , disappoint and generally hurt millions especially young teens and minorities who are excessively influenced by the war on illicit drugs (About Drug Policy Alliance). The marijuana policy project is an alliance and commitment to individuals who promote honesty, and advocate for terminally ill patients to use marijuana. It aims to remove penalties for possession and open a legal market where some farmers can cultivate and sell marijuana with professional help (Mission). The last stakeholder on the proponents’ side of legalizing

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