The Market Niche Of Digital Products And Services

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About Argos:
Argos is recognized and known as one of the largest and leading retailer with its market niche of digital products and services. Unlike any other digital retail stores in UK, the Argos’s strengths remains its product portfolio which consists of over 33,000 products of different brands and categories (i.e. technology, home & garden, baby & nursing, toys, health & beauty, sports and leisure, jewelry and watches, clothing, gifts and many more). In addition, the company remains competitive due to its unique business model and mediums of entertaining its customers which include its e-commerce website, retail stores, telephone as well as Argos TV, as one the most unique selling medium. Such diversified product portfolio as well as …show more content…

1.2 Aim:
The aim of this report is to analyze and evaluate the Australian business environment and determine the key macro environment factors (potential threats and opportunities) that are likely to influence Argos, when entered into Australia. In order to analyze the market environment, multiple analytical models and framework are applied i.e. PEST, Porter 5 Forces Model and Competitive Analysis. Following on, the report below also proposes the market entry mode, market growth as well as competitive strategy that may assist it to attain its corporate objectives.
1.3 Rationale:
The main reason behind the selection of Argos is the fact that it has been very successful in UK and growing at the constant rate. In addition, the application of multiple selling medium is another attractive strategy of Argos, which seems to be an attractive and unique feature when catering the international market.
1. Retail Industry Analysis – Australia:
2.1 PEST Analysis:
According to Narayan (2000) PEST analysis is one the most effective and applied strategic analysis tool that enable companies to scan and analyze the macro environment, in association with political, economical, social as well as technological contexts. The best part of PEST analysis is defined as its ability to conduct environmental scanning, determining key influencing factors as well as to strengthen the decision making as well as strategic management.
Political Context: While reviewing

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