The Martilla Curtain Chapter 1-3 Characters

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WI: Ramsay Bolton, true born son of Roose Bolton and Bethany Bolton, has a tendency of OTL Ramsay Snow. He likes to hunt women and flay unfortunate victims, despised by Bethany Dustin for his sadistic nature. He has a problem to control his impulse from a young age, he grows up at Dreadfort after a brief stint as a cup-bearer to his aunt Barbrey Dustin, considered being unfit to be a ward of House Redfort. His conduct spreads around the North, the reputation of House Bolton becomes low. On the other hand, Domeric Snow, bastard of Roose Bolton and Miller's wife, has a tendency of OTL Domeric Bolton. He is terrified of Ramsay, hearing rumors of him, so he never meets him. His sweet nature heals his mother's mental wound, and he becomes a wandering bard, charms many maidens of the North. He is a regular visitor to Winterfell, Eddard often invites him upon Sansa's urging. Jon Snow might be influenced by Domeric, he is a living example that a bastard can do whatever he likes as long as he follows the law. …show more content…

Sansa might beg a betrothal between him and her to Eddard, provided Domeric would be legitimated. Ramsay dies by a genuine fever, but there are rumors that Roose is behind the death of Ramsay. If the war of the five Kings like events occurs in this AU, what do you think would happen in the future? Domeric doesn't dream about becoming a true Bolton, so it's unlikely that he would be a castellan. He has personal connections to several noble House of the North, so he can be a guest of Bran at Winterfell and learn about the ruling, or he can follow Robb's army and entertains Robb and Lords of the North. Roose's reputation is bad, so withholding reserve of Bolton levies at the Dreadfort is viewed with suspicion by other Lords and it's unlikely that he takes a command of a host other than a Bolton

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