The Marvel Of Coaching : A Booming Industry Worth Over $ 1 Billion Essay

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The marvel of coaching, the best way to improve performance

According to Forbes magazine, personal coaching alone is a booming industry worth over $1 billion.(Stahl, 2016)The problem is At present the coaching industry is unregulated and there are thousands of people operating as coaches who have not received training.(O’Donovan, 2016) but what is a coach and what are they trying to achieve? The most common perception is that of a sports coach blowing his whistle on the athletics field. Although many have heard of an executive or life/personal coach, few have any real inkling of what one actually is. The confusion around coaching is not a new phenomenon, 20 years ago, Whitmore held the view that “Coaching is in danger of being misrepresented, Miss perceived, and dismissed as not so new and different and failing to live up to its promises.”(Whitmore, 1996). while the actual coaching process may be shrouded in mystery, it seems of critical importance to be able to clearly Explain what result a coach is trying to achieve when working with a client, differentiate coaching from other disciplines such as mentoring, training, counselling or consulting. We must also find out What are the unique qualities or skills that We when you’re ready coach uses are and how we can measure coaches competence in using these qualities or skills. The following essay will attempt to describe the purpose of coaching both personal and business, compare and contrast coaching with psychotherapy,

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