The Mass Media And Its Effects On Society

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There is no secret of the overwhelming influence the mass media has over society. It has a great power and reaches large audiences. By presenting certain sorts of messages and facts skillfully, the media can manipulate people’s attitude and opinions without them even knowing. Business’ use of this constant exposure to their advantage and often invest and rely on commercials as a means to sell their products. Because so many different people rely on the mass media, the companies need a platform that is universal, understandable, and acceptable for numerous and diverse recipients. Unfortunately, companies often use stereotypes and gender roles when advertising their products or ideas in commercials to make them more “relatable” and appealing. What companies don’t realize is that these commercials mimics social life and evokes certain associations regarding gender. Mass media not only gives people information and entertainment, but it also affects people’s lives by shaping their opinions, attitudes and beliefs. In this paper I will discuss how gender roles are seen in commercials, how genders sell a certain type of product, and how these commercials can effect children’s perceptions of what is appropriate for their gender. As if enough pressure is not already put onto women, commercials add to the pressure of being working women in America. Commercials that are used to sell cleaning products play heavily into gender roles and gender stereotypes. Of course women are
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