The Meaning of War

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The word war has been used many times, it's been in movies, newspapers, books, and video games but what does it actually mean? War has been in human history before history was even recorded and there isn't just one kind of war there are actually multiple forms of war but there is always one thing that is the same. War is an intentional, widespread conflict between two political or opposing parties. It can range from the indirect political war like elections to the direct and violent world war like World War ll. A quote by Sun Tzu sums up war in "The Art of War” by writing "War is violent action taken to the utmost extreme".
There are many kinds of war with major and subcategories but when we think of war we generally think of we're two sides face off against each other on the battlefield but there are two major classifications with war. The first kind, violent war, is fought because of resources, religion, and liberty and usually has high amounts of casualties to both sides. Major categories include Religious War, Civil War, and World War all having major contributions to how they world is today. World war, possibly one of the best known types of war because of World War l and World War ll. this type of war is waged across the whole world involving all countries, it could be because of direct involvement or because of indirect causes of war economies. There are extremely high numbers of casualties not including injured and prisoners of war. Civil war is fought between two
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