The Measure Of Freedom And Equality

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The measure of freedom and equality Americans as a whole achieved and enjoy today, including the right to participate in politics and government, such as suffrage, is in fact striking. The promise of civil and political equality regardless of race was evidently flawed by the adoption of democracy, which easily was contorted by nativism, racism, violence, and corruption. America was growing country faced with the hard ships and challenges such as depressions and political turmoil, but its democratic standpoint allowed new opportunities for people in and out of America. The Civil War was a turning point in the nations development of democracy, which was a revolution of its own. Although hundreds of thousands American lives were lost, the Civil War provided America an opportunity to reform itself and potentially compensate for all the dark areas in America 's history. After the Civil War, America became a land of great opportunities for all through immigration, Westward expansion, creating a more equal atmosphere with reform to America 's society, and new business and political opportunities for all genders and races. Although with these opportunities came along underlying problems that were invisible to the naked eye. One of the greatest accomplishments of American history is the expansion of the Western frontier. The push to settle in the West gave endless opportunities to Americans wealthy and poor alike to start fresh or create a better life for themselves. Frederick

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