The Measure Of Intelligence : Intelligence

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The Measure of Intelligence Scientists have been searching for an accurate way to measure intelligence for many years. This search has led to multiple tests that claim to test intelligence. However, due to the many theories of intelligence, these tests vary from simply assessing a person’s knowledge, to testing reasoning skills. However, these tests tend to fail in the most key part in testing intelligence: Intelligence is widely considered a constant characteristic throughout a person’s life, and these scores on the tests can be easily affected by factors such as sickness and practice. Intelligence can be defined in many different ways. It has been defined as “An index of intelligence originally computed by dividing a child’s estimated mental age by the child’s chronological age, then multiplying by 100,” (Grisson, Heatherton, & Gazzaniga, 2015). It has also been defined as “A set of cognitive skills that include abstract thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and the ability to acquire knowledge,” (Gayzur, 2015). By taking three different IQ tests, each test varying on how it tested intelligence, I received three entirely different scores. According to a test on, I was below average intelligence (Autumn Group, 2015).A day later, I took the IQ test from the High IQ Society website. This website claimed that my IQ was at or slightly above average (International High IQ Society, 2015). These two websites were very similar, both seeming to test the IQ based on the
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