The Mental Health Care System

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The Mental Health Care system is really important to our society. What might happen if the workforce in the Mental Health System didn 't meet the qualifications to support the mentally ill? It means thousands of people with mental health problems are at risk of not getting the urgent care in emergencies because of a lack in staff and supplies. For the most part America has a better control on their Mental Health Care System, but it is a whole different story in the United Kingdom. One thousand people who had experienced a mental health crisis in the last five years located in the UK were interviewed and asked “If they had felt they received all the support they needed in their emergency?” Only fourteen percent said yes to this interview conducted by one of the National Health Services (NHS) Mental Health trusts. Trust retain their operational responsibly for acute and primary care services, so in other words England’s Mental Health Care System can make as many mistakes as they want and not get sued for them. We talked about the United Kingdom not having enough qualifications to work with the mentally ill, now lets get more information on these workers and their schooling. In Britain to get a doctorate 's degree for Psychology it only takes 3 to 5 years and that is including the little training you need. As for schooling in America for a Doctorate 's degree for Psychology it will take you at least 6 to 8 years and that is not including the formal training and supervised

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