The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka’s novella, The Metamorphosis, takes place in the Post-World War I era. In a world dominated by cold machinery and irrational fears, Kafka constructs a criticism of humanity through the transmutation of Gregor from a human to a monstrous vermin. Kafka’s symbolism of Gregor’s bug form primarily serves to indicate how humanity underappreciates themselves and keep value within materialistic ideals. Gregor’s character development from almost drone-like to individualistic ultimately implies that the metamorphosis is not just a physical mutation, but rather a mental transformation in which Gregor grows as an individual.
Before his metamorphosis, Kafka implies that humans are driven solely by the desire for money. When waking up for
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The hope that he so desperately clings onto is solely his role as a worker and money provider. His entire life, in the end, is almost considered worthless as an insignificant insect. Although Gregor has done nothing with his adult life but devote it to working and supporting his family, his value has immediately disappeared once he lost his ability to provide. Materialism influences all, but when one loses the greed for temporal objects they can become a true individual free from the conformity of the consumer market.
While undergoing life as an insect, Gregor slowly develops his own interests. As seen in the scene when Gregor attempts to save the picture of the woman in furs, the narrator states “He clung to his picture and would not give it up. He would rather fly in Grete’s face” (pg.105). Although Gregor seems to have no true deep connection to this photo, he hangs on to it. But why is this? The frame is representative of Gregor’s first hobby as a human, the one thing he could call his own. Gregor has finally gained something he never had as a human: something that he can call his own which takes priority over even his own family.This photograph ultimately symbolizes Gregor’s newfound motivation to live. He has found his own interests that he wishes to pursue and ultimately, a reason to
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