The Mexican-American Cartoon : Symbols In The Cartoon

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Identify the character(s) in the cartoon.
There are different characters delineated inside this toon. Uncle Sam is on the left-hand side, holding a pointing stick. Sitting on the seat are four dark colored cleaned youngsters, who speak to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Philippines. Behind them sitting at work areas and holding books, are a few "white" young men and young ladies who have the names of States "which ha[d] as of late been "obtained from the Mexican-American War (1846-1848)" (, 2015) composed of them. Outside of the entryway stands a Chinese kid. To one side, there is a Local American kid sitting against a divider holding a book. There is a black out illustration of a classroom, who sits under the American flag. On the far left, behind Uncle Sam, there is an African American kid who is washing the windows.
Identify the symbols and actions the artist employs in the cartoon.
The images utilized inside this toon are inside the subtle elements. Uncle Sam is wearing garments that are like the American banner. At the base left-hand corner, there is a Globe that stays there. There is additionally an American banner that hangs out of sight of the classroom.

With respect to the activities of the characters, Uncle Sam is holding a pointing stick toward the kids before him. His face is not kidding and strict. The kids sitting in from of him, hope to be rumpled, stiff-necked, uninterested and one even hopes to be terrified or tragic. The "white"

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