The Middle Child Of Two Horrible Parents

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Several old men were clinking their glasses and patting Dr. Little on his back. They knew some of what was going to be said, but even they stood open mouth surprised when certain things are read from the full report. “I’m glad you brought that up.” The old man waved his hand and a man rushed forward, opened his briefcase and passed him a folder. After he took a moment to read the single document had laughed even louder. My great-niece is the middle child of two ghastly parents. She has had perfect attendance throughout her entire academic career. She has had the highest marks in her academic career. She was denied attending the city 's finals of the spelling bee all because her mother and father took her older and …show more content…

By the time she started high school…” “High school!” choked both Henry and Ida simultaneously. Sam was shocked when Dr. Little waved his hand and Mr. Aitken gave him her award. “Listen up everyone!” he raised his voice. “My great-niece Samantha Delton received the highest test scores for a senior as a freshman in high school should’ve skipped directly through, but her parents stopped the acceleration to a higher grade because it would take attention away from her oldest child in becoming homecoming and prom queens. Her councilor was smart enough to see what the best course of action and had placed Samantha in all college courses as a freshman and takes the SATs. Her sophomore year, a special program was designed around gifted studied, meaning only her. Two college professors came in during their days they had available to challenge her academically to see her aptitude. Before they first part of the school year was out, she was up to eight professors and a counselor. I must say all of them were working extremely hard and in heaven to have someone like Samantha as their student. I still have their letters of recommendation and others throughout her home state. The folder is quite thick and hard to overlook her State’s Senator and governor. The councilor only reason for participating was because of Samantha’s home life. Her suggestion was for Samantha to participate in a school activity that will have her associate with other students. All

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