The Middle Child Of Two Horrible Parents

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Several old men were clinking their glasses and patting Dr. Little on his back. They knew some of what was going to be said, but even they stood open mouth surprised when certain things are read from the full report. “I’m glad you brought that up.” The old man waved his hand and a man rushed forward, opened his briefcase and passed him a folder. After he took a moment to read the single document had laughed even louder. My great-niece is the middle child of two ghastly parents. She has had perfect attendance throughout her entire academic career. She has had the highest marks in her academic career. She was denied attending the city 's finals of the spelling bee all because her mother and father took her older and younger sisters to listen to a lecture on how to do makeup. You are looking at the most overlooked and sheltered child, I have ever experienced. And, would you also believe, while those two you and my nephew wish to have a daughter-in-law were spending hours, shaking their bottoms and trying to figure out different ways of making my great-nephew dance to their tunes with your approval, Samantha was highly respected at her local library. So much so that she was allowed to take books home without checking them out and assisted the librarian with restocking their shelves and cataloging new books as they arrived. When they noticed her attention became placed on medical books, they notified the local hospital and began special ordering titles
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