Analysis Of The Overachievers : The Secret Lives Of Driven Kids Essay

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Journalist Alexandra Robbins ventures back to her old high school to examine the competitive efforts students are having to take to compete on the battlefield that is the education system in her book, The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids. Robbins explores the lives of multiple students who are stressed and pressured to maintain good grades and get into an Ivy League college. This text allows for intriguing insight on how the educational system has “spiraled out of control” and displays the different measures students must now take to be the best. Robbins’ The Overachievers is an eye-opening bestseller which exposes the social pressures and anxieties students must overcome in their high school lives as they attempt to impress and prove to colleges they are worthy of acceptance.
Alexandra Robbins follows many students who strive to be the best, but her findings show some of those students eventually become very stressed and their sanity falls victim to their overwhelming work while in pursuit of their perfect future. Julie, portrayed as the superstar, participates in many extracurricular activities in order to receive acceptance into the college of her dreams. “Her class schedule consisted of 5 AP classes followed by an hour-long thrice-weekly environmental education internship at a natural science museum. At 2:30 each day, she returned to school for cross country practice.” Julie’s busy schedule displays her desire to ‘build up’ her resume for college to seem
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