Jean Watson And The Science Of Caring

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Jean Watson and the Science of Caring
Jean Watson is one of the most influential nurse theorists of the 21st century. Her development of Caring Science/Human Caring Theory have put greater importance of a patient as a whole being, and a nurse’s role in care. Through her 10 caritas process, Watson has developed ways for nurses to foster a positive, caring relationship with their patients to aid in healing and development. The Watson Caring Science Institute as well as the Watson Caring Science Center continue the development and integration of these theories into the workplace, thus allowing nurses to provide better patient-centered care.
Jean Watson’s Science of Caring Explained Jean Watson is a very accomplished member of the nursing community. Her emphasis on nursing as a science as well as an art of caring has shifted the professions gaze back to the nurse-patient relationship.
The 10 Caritas Process The human caring theory is based on and practiced through, Watson’s 10 Caritas Process (Sitzman & Watson, 2014). These Caritas pertain to many different aspects of what Watson feels are necessary to appreciate and give loving, compassionate care to patients. The 10 Caritas Process is a lifelong journey. In 2014, Sitzman and Watson laid out the each of the Caritas as will be stated next. In the first Carita, Watson wants to highlight the compassion and helping nurses can offer to a patient, but that nurses must also help their own selves to provide quality care. The

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