The Military Is Very Strict, Routined, And Confidential Essay

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Life in the military is very strict, routined-based, and confidential. Once you have lived and witnessed this lifestyle, it becomes a part of you all throughout your life. Even after getting out, those past memories still stays with you as you try to live a more civilized life. James, a twenty-eight year old former Army soldier had just recently gotten out of the Army six months ago back in April of 2016. Through his story, I was able to find out what an ex military soldier actually felt about his career and how he is coping with a new lifestyle. To begin my interview, I asked James about his decision to enter the Army and his backgrounds. His family lived in Chicago, Illinois where his American father was from. His mother, who was from the Philippines, always took him and his brothers to visit, and when he was in middle school, he decided to stay and go to school there, but he went back to the United States for high school. I found out that his grandfather was an Army veteran who had served the country during World War II. “I wanted to follow in his footsteps. It was a of repaying the country for what it’s done for my family.” The process to get in the Army was long. During his senior of high school, in 2005, was when he became serious about becoming an Army soldier. He was able to talk to a recruiting personnel at his school who was also the one who took him through the Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS. That was where he also had to take the Armed Services

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