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Title “The most shocking cover up in the United States Military is not what you would expect (The Invisible War),” reports of sexual assaults over all branches of the military have tremendously increase every since women have been allow to take part of the military. According to the Secretary of Defense, over 500,000 male and female soldiers have suffered of sexual abuse from senior peers and commanders. During the past years, many women reported a variety of cases of sexual abuse. Sadly, the victims were only ignored, blamed and punished for the events. Sexual assaults are considered a scandalous subject which our military has decided to avoid, but by doing so, the number of rapes has increase even faster. Rape is a repetitive criminal; …show more content…

At the ripe age of 17, right after her early graduation from high school, and after having completed two semesters of college, Brown decided to join the US Army. Although she did not have any skills besides her cheer leading training, she forged her way through basic training. Once given her two weeks for the Christmas Exodus (military term for Christmas brake for all recruits who are in basic training) she went home, but decided to return early, ahead of her squad. "When I arrived on base, I was told by the staff duty officer that I was the only female there, and that the only place for me would be in the male barracks or a hotel" trying to keep herself safe, Brown decided to stay in a hotel; to which a NCO (Non-commissioned officer) escorted her to. After Brown arrived and registered, the NCO walked her to her room; who demanded a reward for his kindness and pushed her on to the bed and force himself over her. "I was in such shock, I did not know how to respond. I didn't know what to do, a young soldier, 17 years old, close to the end of basic training barely making it through and being accosted by a senior NCO" Brown confessed. When the NCO was done his business, he thought about what he did and left, minutes later Brown called her recruiter and told him what happened; next thing she knew was that she was taken to the hospital. Brown was wounded physically and mentally by a man who was supposed to be her friend. She was raped and all

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