The Missouri State Museum Provides An Environment

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The Missouri State Museum provides an environment that can introduce diversity and cultural stimulation to children. The museum wants to be a part of the diverse team that provides support for families and staff aiding child development socially, emotionally as well as physically. Providing multicultural experiences and opportunities to teach children tolerance, respectfulness and accepting of differences is part of learning diversity. Diversity cannot be taught directly, it is not a part of a curriculum or a lesson plan. Diversity or multicultural education is a continuous approach to working with children, parents, families and the community. By children learning of people different from themselves, being exposed to activities, materials and personal experiences, they learn to enjoy and appreciate differences. Children discover there are a variety of ways to solve a problem, complete a task or answer a question. There are many people of different cultures that visit the State Capitol for a variety of purposes. These individuals also explore the State Museum which is located on the first floor of the capitol. This allows an opportunity for children to be exposed to a variety of diverse people. By exploring and investigating what is unfamiliar, children are exposed to new discoveries. A variety of perspectives in the museum’s exhibits and interactive areas allow cross cultural communication through sight and hearing. By touching a computer screen or triggering an
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