The Models That Can Help With Revenue Amongst Schools

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The article talked about the models that can help with revenue amongst schools. Budget planning is important while implementing programs in educational settings. For example the article talks about how different departments in colleges such as the math department have to even out with revenue. Also, it talked about Return Investment Analysis which focuses on the connection between instructors and students on an income level. Therefore, I would use this information in my workplace because I always have to do several tasks such as making sure money is correct in the register and organize patients by their payments. I think the article gives a good constructive way to budget. Considering that I’m interested in the educational field and being involved in the community, the article is informative with letting me know how to organize an educational setting using a model. Also, the article talks about how the different situations can calculate on what brings in revenue. For example, as said by Redlinger and Valcik (1983), “Coupled with other measures (including teaching evaluations, class dropout rates, and measures of student learning), our return on involvement (ROI) model creates a more robust means for continued and future allocation of campus resources and establishes the basis for performance evaluation publicly available to all those concerned” (pg. 1). Small schools are prone to having more pressure on them for funding.
When a school is small revenue is not that

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