The Monroe Doctrine... a Positive

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The U.S benefitted Latin America through the implementation of the Monroe Doctrine, which helped prevented further European colonization. Independence and sovereignty were in the U.S’s intentions for involvement in Latin America, while many European governments saw benefits in overturning independence and thereby acquiring resources and global power. This paper will use examples of European colonialism in, Africa, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, to support my claim. Both the U.S and Europe had very different intentions for getting involved in Latin America and this influenced their relations and the overall status of Latin America. In the end, the United States helped prevent European re-colonization in Latin America through the…show more content…
A third incentive of European colonialism was nationalism. Europe wanted to prove its superiority by colonizing and being in control of as much land as possible. “During the period 1850 to 1871, the nation-state achieved its mature status in Europe. Nationalism clearly became the principal basis for the organization of western civilization. This fact had earlier been demonstrated in England and in France during the course of their political revolutions. In this period, it became manifest throughout Europe. Nationalism is a primary motivating element, which determined the course of events in France during the regime of Napoleon III, Italy where unification was achieved, Germany, where unification was achieved, Russia where important steps towards modernization were taken, and the United States, which experienced the Civil War, a war to preserve the union.” [7] Nationalism is the equivalent of American Patriotism and in the same way creates a sense of unification. It appeals to every member of a nation and regardless of race, gender, social class; it was the promise of benefitting the entire nation. There were also several incentives for the U.S to get involved in Latin America. The main focus for the U.S was to keep communism out of the Western Hemisphere. There are several examples of U.S involvement in Latin America due to the threat of communism. The Bag of Pigs invasion
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