The Moral Development And Value Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the moral development and value that is placed upon those morals within a modern society. Addressing how moral development is an essential piece for individual aspect that we possess. The discussion will include where the majority of an individual’s morality is learned and how those teachings can be influenced by society. This paper will explore one of Lawrence Kohlberg’s stories concerning moral dilemma and the stages of development found in the numerous answers to that dilemma. My answer to Kohlberg’s dilemma will be captured and discussed too. Possible variations to moral value when strangers become a player in the dilemma. Ways in which morality does impact our interaction with our environment as we develop as individuals, will be covered. Finally, an examination of how morals differ in value or placement within a society and in individual structure.
Individual Moral Development and Value Based within a Modern Society Moral development is first brought into existence by the establishment of a set of morals. The morals or the set of principles and behaviors that a person holds, is the standard in place to measure decisions and actions during the course of that person’s life. In our society morals hold varying degrees of values and are often called upon to necessitate the issue at hand. Morals shape the view we have of ourselves and as well as the view we have of others. Our morals dictate who we interact with and how we

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