The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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“The Most Dangerous Game,” written by Richard Connell in 1924, was made into a movie in 1932. While transitioning the story to a movie, changes were made to the plot. The three changes from the short story to the film version of “The Most Dangerous Game” include the setup, the characters, and the game. These changes were made to make it possible to be filmed and to amuse the audiences. In the story, it starts off with Rainsford on a yacht with his friend Whitney. They are headed to Ship-Trap Island in the Caribbean Sea and it is extremely dark outside. In the dark alone, Rainsford hears three gunshots. Curiously, he hurries to the side in which the shots came from to see if he hears anymore. In attempt to lean to better his hearing Rainsford drops his pipe and reaches to recover it and falls overboard with no one around to see him. In comparison to the story, the movie was much more exciting in this part. In the movie, Rainsford and around ten friends are traveling to Brank Island in the Pacific Ocean when they hit a rock and the yacht starts to fill with water. All of his companions drown and one is even devoured by a shark. The directors did this to intensify the plot more and to engage the viewer into the movie. The changing of the names of the Islands and locations of the Islands was probably to make it less obvious that the Island is a trap. Another change is Zaroff’s house. In the story it is described as a palatial chateau and as readers we picture a huge elegant
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