The Most Hated, Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler, one of the most hated men in history of the world, deemed Wilson examines the “Demon King of history” (pg. 185) in a new light in “Hitler”. A. N. Wilson, a prestigious, award winning biographer, took on this task, giving a short biography on Hitler, rather than the typical portion of history taking place during World War II that most people are familiar with, he analyzes Hitler’s entire life. The major points that Wilson discusses in his book, which are very controversial in the world we live in today, are Hitler’s idea of anti-Semitism and the concept that although Hitler was an ordinary individual he had extraordinary abilities, which allowed for his great successes. The final concept that Wilson brings to the book is Hitler’s idea of Darwinism in society. Throughout the life of Hitler, many different factors led to his anti-Semitism views and the eventual genocide of the Jewish population. This “hatred of the Jews was one important element in his early rise power” (pg. 4). Hitler was raised in a lower middle class family, which he determined to be his fate, as mentioned in his manifesto, “My struggle.” Being from a poor family, he experienced many of the common problems associated with the lower middle class during his early years. He learned to believe that everything was the Jews’ fault, that they were much like how the people of the United States viewed the African-Americans previous to the civil war. The idea continues as he blames the Jews as to why
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