The Most Important Ingredient Of A Good Commander

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Presidents from generation to generation order and send soldiers to war to stand and fight for the American people. Just ordering them to perform a mission does not establish them as a good Commander-in-Chief. A president should possess a military background in the actual field to understand the importance of soldier’s lives, familiarity of military tactics, and earning a soldier’s trust through the President’s positive attitude, knowledge and boldness. Life is the most important ingredient in a man and woman, without life people are dead and useless. Inevitably in today’s age war comes and goes while death rides war like a raging bull in a ring. According to Lafta, Riyadh “For intentional injuries, the fatality rate was 39.1% and the disability rate 56.0%. Gunshots where the major cause of injury through 2006 when blasts/explosions became the most common cause and remained so through 2014.” It seems like presidents want to cross a river with no way to cross it. Risking their men’s life by crossing the river without thinking of the possible dangers that may lurk in the waters, alligators, pythons, piranhas, etc. Unless the president himself crosses the river there will not be an understanding of what the soldiers may encounter. Once the president gains the knowledge and experiences the danger first hand, he will be more cautious and tread lightly to assure that his soldiers survive. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience allows the president to bond with his soldiers…
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