The Motivational Theories Of Abraham Maslow And Frederick Herzberg

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An organization success relies heavily on their employees. Employers should find better ways to motivate their staffs to achieve organizational objectives efficiently and effectively. Many psychologists understand the importance of motivation in the industry; they worked on various motivational theories which could help employers to have a fruitful and productive employee. According to Feldman, motivation is a factor that direct and energize the behaviors of humans and other organisms, in other words, an inner state that stimulates us to fulfill a goal, something that gets us doing something. Our needs motivate us to act. The complexity of the concept has led psychologists to develop a variety of approaches. Each of them tries to explain …show more content…

Once the hunger is satisfied the pressure is reduced, and the need for food ceases to motivate, then the next higher order need becomes the motivating need. After the fulfillment of the two basics needs, a person can think about the needs of Love and Belongingness ( to obtain and give affection); then self-esteem, self-worth. Then, this person will strive for the highest level of needs "self-actualization (A state of self-fulfillment, it includes growth, achieving one's potential). Becoming all that a person is capable of becoming). People strive to acquire new skills, take on new challenges and behave in a way that will lead to goal's life attainment. Through this theory, Maslow underlines the complexity of human needs, and it emphasizes the idea that an individual's needs at any level on the pyramid emerge only when the more basic biological needs are reasonably satisfied.

In contrast, Frederick Herzberg came in the 1950s, and 1960s with the two-factor theory also called motivation-hygiene theory in which examined employee satisfaction to see how attitudes affected motivation. Herzberg believes that attitudes can have an impact on a person's performance and also the performance of those around them. The theory was designed from a study stated that people have two sets of needs, their needs as animals to avoid pain, their needs as humans to grow psychologically. Herzberg

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