Maslow 's Theory Of Psychological Health

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An American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, became widely known for developing a theory of psychological health. With this in mind, his research discovered people tend to motivate around the ability to achieve certain needs for reaching a level of fulfillment in their lives. Maslow’s concept, known as the hierarchy of needs, brought into prominence the notion of self-actualization introduced some years earlier by Kurt Goldstein. Self-actualization evolves from the achievement of an individual’s full potential accomplished by passing through all the levels of the hierarchy to its zenith. And while many psychological theories tend to take on aberrational qualities, this one appears quite rational and stands the test of time. In fact, its …show more content…

But perhaps worst of all, the idiosyncrasies associated with these professions over the last several decades have typically led to their elimination through automation. Advancements in technologies across the globe continue to reduce or eliminate many jobs. Nevertheless, that trend will undoubtedly continue or accelerate due to continued innovations in engineering, information and computer technologies. And for that reason, anyone taking a job requiring minimal experience, skills and education just might be stepping into a profession facing extinction. The use of automation has repeatedly characterized or associated closely with the automobile industry where it first described applying automatic methods and operations at Ford Motor Company’s manufacturing facilities for producing motor vehicles in the 1940s. Robotics, introduced in the early 1960s, continued to refine those processes further and gain an ever-expanding role throughout the manufacturing world. Realize that every function performed by different forms of automation today once executed from individual workers − some highly skilled. As an illustration, commercial aircraft including the more contemporary Boeing 747-400 and later versions now pilot by a crew of two since going into service at Northwest Airlines in February 1989! Before that, all Boeing 747s utilized a crew of three: a captain, first officer, and flight

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