The Mountain Man Brewery Company

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The Mountain Man Brewery Company was founded by the now retired President and owners Oscar Prangel, in 1925. Oscar formulated an old family recipe with flavorful hops and barley that developed to become what is now known as West Virginia’s beer. Time had progressed and Mountain Man Brewery had become a thriving business and a common beer of choice amongst the working class man 's beer drinkers. In the 1960’s Mountain Man Brewery had established a well-respected brand throughout the Central Regions, beginning with West Virginia, and expanding into Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. By 2005, Mountain Man Brewery Company had made profitable footprints with financial revenue of $50 million dollars and sells over 520,000 barrels of its unique family beer. As time had progressed on, new trends of beer drinkers transitioned a decline in selling performance for the first time ever in the Mountain Man Brewery Company. The decline revealed a weakness within the company that only brought forth fear of the unknown future of the company’s product and brand. Oscar had recently hired the next generation on MMBC his son Chris to manage the marketing operations. Chris had presented to his father the possible expansion of introducing a new beverage of choice for the upcoming beer drinkers. Recent research amongst beer drinker’s uncovered potential growth for MMBC and the fear of eroding the historical brand of loyalty. Chris had researched a strategy to position MMBC back into the
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