The Movie Shutter Island

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The utmost insane individuals and the most intelligent doctors are located on Shutter Island. The movie Shutter Island takes place in 1952 blank years after WWII. Leonardo Dicaprio’s character is sent to the island to investigate and find a missing patient, but what his character is trying to hide from his reality, is that he is a patient too. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the movie is Andrew Laeddis.
Andrew Laeddis is a disturbed patient on Shutter Island who the doctors are trying to rehabilitate. Before Andrew came to the island, he was a soldier in WWII. The horrible conditions that he was in and the traumas that he saw during the war left him with post-traumatic stress when he returned home. When Andrew came back from the war he was a U.S Marshall, and an alcoholic. Andrew Laeddis was married to Delores Chanal and they had three beautiful children together. While Andrew was married to Delores all of his friends and family told him that he should get a divorce, and move away from his wife because she was crazy, depressed, and was going to hurt Andrew. Andrew refused to listen to all of them because half of the time he was too drunk to care, and the other half he was too in love. Delores told Andrew that she had a bug crawling across her brain, and it made her do things she didn’t want to do. Andrew knew she was sick but he didn’t do anything about it because he was too drunk. Andrew came home from work one day and could not find his family in the house. He went

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