The Movie ' The Bride Of Frankenstein ' And Mad Love Directed By Karl Freund

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The point of a film is to share a message through entertainment; it can be thought that films made in the same era can share a common goal. This is not always the case, like in the films The Bride of Frankenstein directed by James Whale and Mad Love directed by Karl Freund. These two films both talk about romantic love but they do so in different ways. Romantic love occurs when two people share intimacy and a strong connection. Love has been something in the past that has driven people and has forced people to do things they would regret. Love can also be illegal; it can be something that is frowned upon if it is not shared between the people that society sees fit. These two films fall on either end of the spectrum.
Mad Love can be seen as an entirely heterosexual film. Which would be the common thing pushed in films in the 30’s, speaking about homosexual characters would be seen as taboo as would portraying them on the screen. This film also taps into the idea of obsessive love and what that can do to a person.
The Bride of Frankenstein is about the creation of a heterosexual relationship. However, it can be argued that there are homosexual undertones, particularly between the characters of the Monster, Dr. Pretorius and the Male hermit.
Through their similarities and their differences both of these films explore romantic love and how it effects a person and what is an appropriate form of romantic love. The similarities between these two films are mainly

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