The Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )

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1. Introduction

The theories and study on the multinational corporations (MNCs) internationalisation has been prominent in the international business (IB) studies for many decades. Though earlier studies were dominated by firms’ from the advanced economy in Europe, USA, and Japan. Therefore, is not surprising that theories of MNCs internationalisation or foreign direct investment (FDI) would reflect on the behaviour and perspectives of advanced economies firms. Such theories, for example, …show more content…

While the study of the internationalisation process of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) firms in terms of their evolution and internationalisation have received less attention. Particularly, research on the internationalisation of Nigerian firms are still under explored (Bolaji & Chris, 2014; Boojihawon & Acholonu, 2013; Ibeh, 2003; Ibeh, Wilson, & Chizema, 2012) Even though, many SSA firms have emerged as high profile multinationals increasingly engaged in foreign expansion especially across the region. Such firms for examples include MTN, First Bank of Nigeria, Eco bank of Senegal, Dangote, ShopRite, Equity Group holdings, GlobalCom, SABMiller of South Africa, InterSwitch and Computer Warehouse Group to mention a few. These multinationals have emerged from different sectors of the economy, for example taking advantage of their home country favourable economic policies and domestic growth to internationalise (Initiative for Global Development and Dalberg Global Development, 2011; William, 2013).

In contrast to the attention given to the study of developed economy, Asia, and Latin America firms, SSA firms have received less attention from international

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