The Musical Of Musical Theater

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Musical Theater is a term that is used in current day and started being used in the late 1800’s. These musical journeys through stories and drama are some of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment. Even though most musicians and musicologists think of this type of music as current day phenomenon, it was just as popular back in the Renaissance as it is today. Much like the definition of opera, musical theater has a definition of a stage performance combining spoken dialogue, acting, dancing and songs written to fit the dialogue being recited. Musicals were a form of entertainment in the late 1600’s when opera began to take popularity in Italy and Germany and England. The use of an orchestra and conductor for opera to accentuate the feeling or the emotion of the piece is something that musical theater composers use in every show that they write. The setting for a musical is very similar to the set up of an opera back in the renaissance. Actors are on the stage, the orchestra or ‘pit’ in sitting below the stage, and the audience is surrounding the stage for an up-close and personal experience of the music. In the 1700’s, England was perusing the idea of being satirical towards people and events that were current day problems or struggles. The English believed that by being uplifting about their problems would make themselves feel more at peace with the world and help their patrons through anything they needed to get through. The genre that the English were very familiar
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