The Myth Of The Film ' The Bourne Identity '

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A myth is an unproved or untrue belief that is used to justify a social institution. The idea that a positive attitude can stave off cancer is a myth.
As humans, we generally want to make sense of the world around us, myths help us to do this therefore they are compelling. Myths arise because we have a desire for easy answers and quick fixes for problems. For example, the idea that if we sleep more we will lose weight is appealing because it is straight forward, therefore people are quick to support and accept this myth. Myths come about possibly due to film or media portrayals of different situations. People believe what they see and so easily accept what they view in movies as applicable to their own lives. For example, in the film ‘The Bourne Identity’, the portrayal of amnesia is that someone who is hit on the head will forget all the details of their previous life. However this is rarely the case in reality. In the case of the myth ‘a positive attitude can stave off cancer’, people may watch movies such as ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and see that the positive attitude of the family portrayed in the movie possibly had an impact on the prolonged the life of the girl with cancer, people want to believe this in their own lives and so this concept has become a widely believed myth. Myth’s generally begin with a kernel of truth, most myths are in fact not entirely false. The exaggeration of a kernel of truth is a way in which a myth arises. For example, in the myth that we only use…
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