The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi And Leslie Bell Essay

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After reading the essays “The Naked Citadel” and selections from “Hard To Get” by Susan Faludi and Leslie Bell, readers are presented with the various hardships young adults of both sexes face. While Faludi’s essay focuses on men and their hardships in a controlled environment like the Citadel to simulate how a “real man” should live in the real world, Bell’s essay focuses on women out in said real world and the different hardships they have to endure due to society’s standards of conduct. Both texts speak about sexuality, gender identity and expression and how they affect how one’s life will unfold depending on how different any of the three terms mentioned are from society’s traditionally accepted standards. By attempting to be a more original individual with strong characteristics and a unique personality, one should be aware that there will be challenges ahead for them, for people fear what they do not know. Society tends to ostracize and at times retaliate against those who choose to disregard gender roles. In addition, society prevents men and women from actualizing their potentials and achieving self-fulfillment by enforcing a strict set of gender norms. These gender norms leave individuals devoid of their humanity by demanding that they meet the extremes of many behavioral and sexual spectrums. Men are expected to act masculine, stoic, insensitive, etc. while women are expected to be conservative, feminine, charming, etc. without exception. With no in-between,
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