The National Youth Organization 's Change Initiative

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The purpose and goal of this thread is to create and discuss the foundation for a change initiative which will be applied the National Youth Organization - in light of board composition and the historical, cultural framework of the organization - and to offer recommendations for the initial and secondary implementation of the National Youth Organization’s change initiative to accomplish the president’s goals. The work will be divided into three sections and present a two-stage plan for successful change. The first section will discuss and provide the concrete groundwork strategy of a portfolio analysis for changes within the organization - as reflected to the organization’s board composition and the organizational culture. The second …show more content…

Based on the case study’s examination of the board’s composition and Cole’s (2015) findings, it if clear that beginning the change initiative by analyzing and consolidating the organization’s programs at both a chapter and national levels - before the organization centralizing and standardizing the chapters - will be critical to a successful implementation of the change process (Cole, 2015; BMAL 602, n. d.; Boockmann, Thomsen, Walter, Göbel, & Huber, 2015). The second factor which influences the foundation of the necessary organizational changes is the history and culture of the National Youth Organization (BMAL 602, n. d.). As the case study reveals, the organization in both its historical structure and present culture is highly decentralized (Casestudy). For example, “[Organizational p]rograms are very decentralized and local chapters decide which ones to offer in their communities….Fundraising is also very decentralized” (BMAL 602, n. d., para. 2). Beyond the facts of the case study, external the research of Prud’homme (1995) find that decentralization can undermine efficiency and increase corporate corruption (Prud’homme, 1995). “Another concern that involves both allocative and production efficiency is the possibility that decentralization might be accompanied by more corruption” (Prud’homme, 1995, p. 211). With both of these factors under consideration the groundwork of the change process must be the evaluation of the organization’s

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