The Nature Of The Universe Balance

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When I read until the end, I felt bewildered on “All there is with no thinking” and had a chill down my spine. Since little, I learnt that everything has its nature and force of flow. We need to respect the forces and the nature without purposively altering the force. We accept things are just at it is, it has its nature. These are from the idea of Taoism, “Wu Wei”. It does not mean that we do not need to think before an action, instead, we do not put exaggerated and forceful energy to make something to flow. I also, believe the existence and loss of thing is just a part of nature. When there is born, there will be death too. This is how the nature keep the universe balance. So I agree that we need to feel grateful for the presence that we have, and make full use of the presence. As human, it is our instinct to name and give meaning of certain things so the environment makes sense to us. That is why, when the author heard that the “Little I” was the reason interfering her calmness when meditating, she perceive the “Little I” as an obstacle for her to proceed. This leads to her next question was how can she get rid of her “Little I”. Then, the Zen Master answered that she only need to be aware of the “Little I”, she was confused for a bit. While the “Little I” seems like an enemy to her meditating path, it is also one part of herself. The “Little I” is the part which already comfortable staying within the safety zone, on how she often acts on daily basis. Whereas, the “Big
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