The Nazi 's And The Middle East

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Throughout history there have been groups that have forever shaped the world politically, socially, and economically. The Nazi regime left a tremendous impact on the world; especially the Middle East. These impacts are still felt today. Indeed, the Nazi party had a tremendous impact on Arab nationalism, Islamism, and the actions that were taken by the Palestinian Arab Movement, that were the genesis of the radicalization of today’s Islamic state. The Nazis were able to influence these aspects through the connection of their similar ideologies, along with intense champagnes of anti-Semitic propaganda.
The Nazi party (also known as The National Socialist German Workers ' Party), is a group built on the foundations of Militant ideologies, German Nationalism, anti-Marxism, and racism that included but not limited to antisemitism. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi regime who under his leadership, were responsible for the massacre of millions of European Jews.
Understanding the Nazi’s and the Middle East perceptions of one another is fundamental to comprehending why their individual histories are forever intertwined. Though Hitler by no means saw the people of the Middle East as his equals he, along with his military leaders saw that his relationship with the Arab world would be vital to achieving the Nazi’s goals both militarily, and territorially. The Nazis were concerned with how they were perceived by the Middle East. The Nazis believed that if they gained favor

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