The Need for Stricter Gun Control Laws Essay

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11,000 Americans died from guns, 19,066 committed suicide in 2011. Without guns in our world , this would not have happened. Removing guns from our society could greatly reduce school shootings, deaths and overall crime rate. The First gun control law was implemented in 1934. The National Firearms Act of 1934 puts a $200 tax on machine guns and sawed off shotguns. The next gun control law National Firearms Act of 1938 needed licensing of interstate firearm dealers. After that in 1968, 3 laws were made: The Omnibus Crime Control, Safe Street Act of 1968, and The Gun Control Act of 1968, these 3 laws made all criminals, drug users and and mentally sick or ill from buying guns. In 1986 citizens with guns started to complain owing to the fact …show more content…

The ATF also says that “1.2% of federally licensed gun dealer supply 57% of the guns used for crime”. There needs to be laws to enforce these problems.

Many people think that guns will protect them, but in fact guns do the exact opposite. More than 70% of the time a minor died from a gun it was used in their own household. A report filed by the Washington State department of social health services a child or teen is killed every 71/2 hours by a gun accident or suicide. It also the owners fault for not keeping it secure. almost %50 percent of gun owners don't keep it at locked or child safety. %30 of gun owners keep their gun in an effortless area to reach and they keep it unlocked and loaded which is extremely deadly. People need to look out for there family and think where before they put their gun in an easy to reach place.
There are many alternatives to guns and smart guns seem to fit the best. Smart guns will cause little to no death’s from accident and suicide. Smart guns are designed by Armatix which there a watch and a gun. The watch is synced to it and the gun won't fire unless it is 10 inches or closer to the watch. The gun won’t also fire if the magazine is removed. This pistol is a .22 caliber. It was designed by Ernst Mauch also the designer of the XM25 rifle. This gun is still in its development stage and will not be out for a long time. There are many alternatives to normal unreliable guns.

According to the second amendment “A well regulated

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