The Need for Stricter Gun Laws in Micheal Gawenda's Book, America's Lethal Affair with the Gun

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In this expository article. “America's lethal affair with the gun”, dated Februrary 6th, 2006, Micheal Gawenda contend s that America needs to be stricter on gun control laws. Gawenda, from 'The Age', writes the article with tones of dissension and assetiveness, but in a calm controlled way of approach. The intended audience of the article are the readers of 'The Age, as that is the source.

Gawenda firmly believes that gun control laws in America are not strict enough, to persuade his readers, he uses a variety of persuasive devices, some used repetitively throughout the article. One persuasive device majority of the expository, was statistics. Throughout most paragraphs, the text includes the persuasive technique of statistics, for …show more content…

Gawenda liked to include humour in his article, so besides having irony, he also had analogy. This was present at only one time, but it seem It was more than enough to persuade his readers. Gawenda critisises, writing “-and getting a gun permit in Virginia is about as easy as getting a library card.” hearing this provokes the readers to have an angry response. It giving them an example of just how much stricter laws are needed, if this is the comparison given- getting a library card. Readers become irate to hear the fact that most people can get hold of a gun. There were also appeals to readers involved in the article, including appeal to consequence, appeal to fear/security, appeal to humanity and appeal to paternalism. Gawenda cunningly adds each in the right times. Appeal to consequence is used in reflection of the whole article, it is the Gawenda implying that if the laws in America for gun control are not made stricter, it will affect you and those around you, that people are dying everyday anf that it will continue, that is also a part of humanity, to feel empathy

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