The Negative Effects Of Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been around since 500 BC starting with dissecting animals in ancient greece. French animal testers believed that animals were “automata” and could not feel pain or emotions. There was no public objections to animal testing until the 19th century when there was an increase of adopting domestic pets. Nowadays public opinion is split down the middle on whether or not animals should be tested on. The animals are generally tested on for cosmetics, health, commercial, biomedical, space and military purposes. People for animal testing think of it as a way to save human and animal lives, and that there is no other way to get this good of data. They also believe that the strict rules prevent any mistreatment of the animals.…show more content…
With only using petri dishes scientists are not able to find all the affects, for example loss in eyesight can not be tested with only using it on tissue sample(Kara Rogers). Animal testing benefits the animals themselves too. The American Veterinary Medical Association actually supports animal testing, in many cases the tests on animals have saved many species from becoming extinct like the california condor, and the tamarins(American Association). People opposed to animal testing will say that it is inhumane and cruel. Animals in the tests are said to be force feed, and forced inhalation, they also are forced to have cosmetics dropped into their eyes to see the outcome. The US Department of agriculture said that around 97,123 animals in 2010 suffered during testing, and were not given antithetic. We can now test in other ways that do not include animals, like in vitro testing. We can also use human volunteers, and only use enough that it does not severely damage them. There are also computer simulations that will show how it affects the body. Drugs that pass animal testing are not necessarily safe, like in the 1950’s a sleeping pill was shown to cause birth defects even though it had been tested by animals. Although the opposing side has many intriguing arguments, animal testing is still the most plausible way to better the general health of the population. In order to better the conditions of the
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