The Negative Effects Of Arms Trading

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When discussing wars and violence in the world, people tend to hear just about that and not about the weapons used. When people do notice the weapons being used, they do not think about where they are from. Arms trading has been going on for decades and not much has been done to prevent it. Arms trading causes multiple issues and harm to countries, especially when superpowers like the United States or Russia are participating in these acts. Not only do countries get involved with arms trading, but countries will have individuals do the dirty work. This makes arms trading so invisible and out of public eye unless the countries are directly doing the arms trading. Countries have ways of doing the trading without others knowing, which becomes a problem as a lot of arms end up being used for wars or for militias. In this paper, I will discuss how arms trading has a negative effect on the places such as the Middle East and Africa, as well as what can be done to resolve this.
One major issue about arms trading is how prevalent it has been in the Middle East and how it affects the area. Starting back with the Iran-Iraq war and the Gulf War following when arms trading in the Middle East became more pronounced, it also started to become an issue. The United States, the Soviet Union and other countries supported Iran and Iraq and supplied them with weapons. The New York Times notices the issues with this war and talks about how “the Administration needs to prepare for the possibility

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