The Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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In today's technological era we rely heavily on technology, from our phones all the way to our Smart Tv's. However, peoples need to bring their smartphones with them everywhere they go has started to become a problem regarding the way we connect with others. We need better cell phone etiquette because without it the way people intermingle could completely change in a negative way. A lack of a stricter cell phone etiquette has led people to stop interacting with each other, live their lives through small screens, and has even begun to affect their real lives. To begin with, weak cell phone etiquette leads to most people interacting with other's a very limited amount of time. Since the introduction of smartphones, the way people …show more content…

Pizza is no longer the only thing being delivered to doorsteps all over the world, now people can have burgers, tacos, and even full meals brought to them. Other things that can easily be done through your phone include buying groceries, clothes, and anything else available in stores, among other things. While all these innovations are can be useful to some people others rely on these services simply because for its convenience. The ability to have everything brought to your house is very appealing however it results in people rarely leaving their house to do these things themselves and having some face time with a waitress or a cashier. Lastly, a large part of today's society is so invested in their virtual life that their real life ends up being affected by this. Today's youth has become so obsessed with getting the most retweets or likes on Instagram and Facebook that they forget about everything outside of their iPhones. Many of these people invest so much of their time and efforts into perfecting their online persona that they forget about their real life. Their constant online presence distracts them from real things, for instance, people can be so caught up on their phones that they fail to notice that their little sister has been having problems in school or that their new coworker looks like they could use a friend. Ironically enough people can have hundreds of friends on Facebook but only talk to a

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