The Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones : The Impact Of Technology

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Across the world, approximately four billion people own a mobile phone. Only about three and a half billion people use a toothbrush (Spinfold). Not only will this interesting fact leave you disgusted, but also completely shocked by the absurd amount of cell phones being used all over the world. More than half of the total world population owns a mobile phone, and more than likely several other internet devices. With all of your enticing devices pulling at your focus and consuming your time, it’s not a surprise that several minutes can turn into several hours on your phone, iPad, or laptop. Our culture is slowly beginning to fit the technological future with improved computers, T.V.’s, etc. With the help of internet access everywhere, technology continues to have a dominant force of manipulating and negatively impacting our lives on a daily basis. According to The Denver Post, in 2016 Americans spent an average of 10 hours 39 minutes on some sort of electronic device. Very seldom do you find someone without a cell phone in their hand walking down the sidewalk or staring at their device. People no longer experience life because of how much time and focus that are invested into an electronic device. Internet addiction is becoming more and more common. Instead of playing outside, toddlers would rather sit inside and watch T.V. or play on the iPad. Lack of exercise among children is now a much more serious concern than it was 25 years ago. For every moment that

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